Set list from the Gordie Sampson Songcamp show

We’ve had many requests from fans for the set list from the Gordie Sampson Songcamp Circle at the Keltic Lodge, Ceilidh Hall on July 17.

Below are a list of the songs that were played, in order they were performed by each artist, along with the songwriter’s credits.

Circle 1: Gordie Sampson

Gordie Sampson “With You” – Gordie, Nicole Ariana, Carleton Stone
Donovan Woods “Say Yes to the Dress” – Donovan, Gordie Sampson, Breagh Mackinnon
Molly Thomason “Marry An American” – Molly, Donovan Woods, Mark Boutilier
Willie Stratton “How Much” – Willie, Steven MacDougall
Chris James “Wishing Well” – Chris, Barb Cameron, Steven MacDougall
Nicole Ariana “About You Baby” – Nicole, Carmen Townsend, Chris James
Steven MacDougall “Weather Girl” – Steven, Natalie Lynn, Mark Boutilier
Breagh Mackinnon “Astronaut” – Breagh, Dylan Guthro, Gordie Sampson

Circle 2: Breagh Mackinnon

Breagh Mackinnon “Brick by Brick” – Breagh, Mark Boutilier, Dana Beeler
Dave Sampson “Girl Like You” – Dave, Chris James, Rankin MacInnis
Jenny MacDonald “Weightless” – Jenny, Rankin MacInnis, Natalie Lynn
Natalie Lynn “Was It Worth It?” – Natalie, Mo Kenney, Laura Roy
Kyle Mischiek “Cold Water” – Kyle, Donovan Woods, Carleton Stone
Laura Roy “Party With The Lights On” – Laura, Donovan Woods, Steven MacDougall
Mark Boutilier “Highlights” – Mark, Dylan Guthro, Barb Cameron

Circle 3: Carleton Stone

Carleton Stone “Tell Us Apart” – Carleton, Willie Stratton, Mo Kenney
Dana Beeler “One Trick Pony” – Dana, Barb Cameron, Jenny MacDonald
Mo Kenney “Faked It” – Mo, Joel Plaskett, Willie Stratton, Gordie Sampson
Rankin MacInnis “Monster” – Rankin, Nicole Ariana, Dave Sampson
Dylan Guthro “Here ‘Til The Morning” – Dylan (Track)
Elijah Wohlmuth “Intuition” – Elijah (Track)
Barb Cameron “Falling Into You” – Barb, Carleton Stone, Nicole Ariana (Track)

Closing: “Flip Flops”