ECMA 2012

April 20, 2012

I wish Gordie could have been at ECMA this past week in Moncton to see the Songcamp writers showcase their stuff – much of it written during Songcamp 2011 and 2012.

Mo, Molly, and Dylan did numerous performances – acoustically and with accompaniment.

Carleton was the busiest guy at ECMA this year – always running from one show to the next.

First time I’ve seen Dave play with his band – a real treat and a very cool configuration; guitar, stand up bass, and fiddle.

It was fun to see Barb watching as Dylan called Mo and Carleton to the Acoustic SuiteCase stage to sing a song she’d co-written last year.

Breagh knocked them all out at the Cape Breton Embassy.

Evan and the Gloryhound boys played the Rock Stage and ended off the weekend with a Post Awards Show Party performance.

MacDougall, busy as usual with the ever-popular Slowcoaster, took time out to make sure Barb was comfy with her set up as she prepared to rock the house in Molly’s band.

Ran into Brandon and got a copy of his newest work – can’t wait to hear what he’s been up to.

Big thanks to ECMA and SOCAN for showcasing Dylan & Breagh and Carleton & Molly at the SOCAN Songwriter Circle on Sunday. Gotta love those duets! I couldn’t make the show but the feedback has been huge.

I think the best part of all was witnessing the real sense of community that has developed among the Songcamp writers – everyone showing up to support each other and often taking the stage to play together.

As always, thanks to the Province and Music Nova Scotia for their support.

– Sheri