10th Anniversary Gordie Sampson Songcamp!

10th Anniversary Songcampers
Robin Jones dishing up some fantastic food on night #1 at Cabin K!
Brandon Davis & Chris Brown taking in some new songs
Campers having a laugh
Dylan Guthro, Rankin McInnis & Brandon Davis
Round the Campfire – a nightly occurence!
Kyle Mischiek recording a demo
Nicole Ariana & Maura Whitman post-session with Corey Lerue!
Maura Whitman, Mitchell Bailey & Elijah Will performing their new song “Lost Cause” at Cabin K
Eric Stephen Martin & Willie Stratton writing in the Gazebo
Nicole Ariana listening to a new demo
Photo by Jodi Guthro
A round of applause for day #3’s new songs
Just one of the breathtaking views at The Keltic Lodge
Eric Stephen Martin taking in the scene while writing “Nickels & Dimes” with Nicole Ariana & Willie Stratton
Our finale show at Ceilidh Hall
Cameron Nickerson, Ria Mae & Jodi Guthro performing at our finale show
Our finale show at Ceilidh Hall
Chris & Sarah Brown – this couple got ENGAGED during our Songcamp concert in 2013!
Kyle Mischiek & Gordie Sampson – recapping the morning after our final show
The view from Cabin K
The foggy iconic bluff at The Ketlic Lodge
Barb Cameron, Mo Kenney, Jodi Guthro & Dana Beeler!
Photo by Kim Guthro
Nicole Ariana & Jodi Guthro
Photo by Kim Guthro
Nicole Ariana & Dylan Guthro
Photo by Kim Guthro
Ria Mae and Jodi Guthro performing “Sorry I’m Awakard” with Cameron Nickerson
Photo by Kim Guthro
Kayleigh, Jodi Guthro & Thomas Daniel
Photo by Kim Guthro
Jodi & Dylan Guthro Photo by Kim Guthro
Kayleigh, Nicole Ariana, Dana Beeler, Barb Cameron
Photo by Kim Guthro
Kayleigh O’Connor
Photo by Kim Guthro
Da Boys!
Gordie Sampson, Quake Matthews & Mitchell Bailey
Photo by Jodi Guthro
Kayleigh & Wayne O’Connor
Photo by Jodi Guthro
Maura Whitman, Mo Kenney & Willie Stratton
Photo by Jodi Guthro
Corey Lerue & Dylan Guthro
Photo by Jodi Guthro
Photo by Jodi Guthro
Nicole Ariana
Photo by Jodi Guthro
Thanks to our friends of Songcamp IMP Solutions for their support with our camp this year!!

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