2015 Gordie Sampson Songcampers!


We’ve just returned from Nashville where we listened to all of the Songcamp Submissions for this year. We’d like to thank you all for taking the time to submit.

We heard some great songs and a whole lot of potential, but we only have spots open for 5 new writers so, sadly, we can’t include everyone.

If you were not invited to Songcamp this year, please do not be discouraged. Part of our challenge is finding the right balance of styles. Not being included on the list below does not mean that you didn’t rate well in the submissions.

We encourage you all to keep writing and to submit again next year!

NEW 2015 Writers:
Reeny Smith
Jahmal Wellington aka Frank Kadillac
Eric Stephen Martin
Jodi Guthro
Brandon Miller Davis

Returning Writers:
Nicole Ariana
Laura Roy
Kyle Mischiek
Dave Sampson

Gordie Sampson
Steven MacDougall
Carleton Stone
Dylan Guthro
Breagh Mackinnon

Due in part to the increasing number of submissions we receive, we have raised the minimum age to 18.