SOCAN-supported Gordie Sampson Songcamp celebrates fifth anniversary

Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Gordie Sampson — who’s had his songs recorded by Carrie Underwood, Faith Hill, Keith Urban, Willie Nelson and Bon Jovi, among others — hosted the fifth annual version of his Gordie Sampson Songcamp from July 13-19, 2014, in Ingonish, Nova Scotia.

Taking part this year were 15 returning writers (including Molly Thomason, Dylan Guthro and 2013 SOCAN Songwriting Prize winner Mo Kenney); four instructors (including Carleton Stone and Steven McDougall); three special guests (including Donovan Woods and Chris Noxx); and Sampson himself.

In five years, the songcamp has become an annual tradition for aspiring songwriters, Sampson — who spends a portion of each year living and writing songs in Nashville — has made it his business to nurture emerging songwriters from across Nova Scotia; allow them to network with their instructors and each other; give them access to useful knowledge; and help them develop tools to benefit their careers.

In 2013, the songcamp released its first compilation album, of 15 songs created by 22 songwriters. They were chosen from more than 150 written during the songcamp from 2010-2013, and ranged in style from the folk of “Harbourtown” to the pop/rap of “All the Time In the World” to the reggae groove of “Flip Flops.”

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Laura Roy on Global TV

Check out this video of Laura Roy’s interview on Global TV.
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Nicole Arianna feature in The Coast

Nicole Ariana’s ombré ambition took her away from us to that repository of dreams, Toronto. But as that plaque in my grandma’s foyer says: “home is where the heart is.” Returning home for a chance to participate in Gordie Sampson’s Songcamp, Ariana will perform Saturday [July 26] at Big Pony with hometown pals Samm Splash and Matty Boh.

Ariana is taking a break from her new industry-focused life in Toronto, where she first moved courtesy of a mentorship grant from Nova Scotia Film and Creative Industries.

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Set list from the Gordie Sampson Songcamp show

We’ve had many requests from fans for the set list from the Gordie Sampson Songcamp Circle at the Keltic Lodge, Ceilidh Hall on July 17.

Below are a list of the songs that were played, in order they were performed by each artist, along with the songwriter’s credits.

Circle 1: Gordie Sampson

Gordie Sampson “With You” – Gordie, Nicole Ariana, Carleton Stone
Donovan Woods “Say Yes to the Dress” – Donovan, Gordie Sampson, Breagh Mackinnon
Molly Thomason “Marry An American” – Molly, Donovan Woods, Mark Boutilier
Willie Stratton “How Much” – Willie, Steven MacDougall
Chris James “Wishing Well” – Chris, Barb Cameron, Steven MacDougall
Nicole Ariana “About You Baby” – Nicole, Carmen Townsend, Chris James
Steven MacDougall “Weather Girl” – Steven, Natalie Lynn, Mark Boutilier
Breagh Mackinnon “Astronaut” – Breagh, Dylan Guthro, Gordie Sampson

Circle 2: Breagh Mackinnon

Breagh Mackinnon “Brick by Brick” – Breagh, Mark Boutilier, Dana Beeler
Dave Sampson “Girl Like You” – Dave, Chris James, Rankin MacInnis
Jenny MacDonald “Weightless” – Jenny, Rankin MacInnis, Natalie Lynn
Natalie Lynn “Was It Worth It?” – Natalie, Mo Kenney, Laura Roy
Kyle Mischiek “Cold Water” – Kyle, Donovan Woods, Carleton Stone
Laura Roy “Party With The Lights On” – Laura, Donovan Woods, Steven MacDougall
Mark Boutilier “Highlights” – Mark, Dylan Guthro, Barb Cameron

Circle 3: Carleton Stone

Carleton Stone “Tell Us Apart” – Carleton, Willie Stratton, Mo Kenney
Dana Beeler “One Trick Pony” – Dana, Barb Cameron, Jenny MacDonald
Mo Kenney “Faked It” – Mo, Joel Plaskett, Willie Stratton, Gordie Sampson
Rankin MacInnis “Monster” – Rankin, Nicole Ariana, Dave Sampson
Dylan Guthro “Here ‘Til The Morning” – Dylan (Track)
Elijah Wohlmuth “Intuition” – Elijah (Track)
Barb Cameron “Falling Into You” – Barb, Carleton Stone, Nicole Ariana (Track)

Closing: “Flip Flops”

Gordie Sampson Songcamp 5th anniversary


Celebrating the Gordie Sampson Songcamp 5th anniversary, where songwriters from the first five years were all reunited. Special guests include songwriter/artist Donovan Woods and producers Mike Shepherd, Chris Noxx, and Corey Lerue.

Fifth Gordie Sampson Songcamp gets underway this weekend

The Gordie Sampson Songcamp launched in 2010 with six young writers, two instructors, and a vision: to nurture emerging songwriters from across Nova Scotia, give them access to knowledge, and help them develop tools that will benefit their writing careers. Or as Nashville-based, Cape Breton native Sampson says, “Let’s get the best young songwriters in Nova Scotia and take them to the most inspiring place we can think of (Ingonish) and see what happens.”

For the past four summers, some of Nova Scotia’s most promising songwriters have been hand-picked to take part in the intensive series of co-writing sessions conducted by the Grammy Award-winning songwriter from Big Pond, along with leaders Steven MacDougall (Slowcoaster) and Carleton Stone. By all accounts, it has been a motivating experience, encouraging a growing sense of community, and an inspiring collection of songs. In 2013 it became apparent that these songs deserved to be shared.

The first Gordie Sampson Songcamp compilation was released in November 2013. The collection of 15 songs features 22 Nova Scotia songwriters, including Mo Kenney, Dylan Guthro, Carleton Stone, Dana Beeler, Willie Stratton, Breagh Mackinnon, Gordie Sampson, and Molly Thomason. Chosen from over 150 songs written during Songcamp from 2010-2013, they range in style from the fine folk of “Harbourtown” (Breagh Mackinnon, Gordie Sampson, Natalie Lynn) to the contemporary pop/rap of “All The Time In the World” (Carleton Stone, Elijah Wohlmuth, Kyle Mischiek) to the infectious reggae groove of “Flip Flops” (Brandon Johnson, Jenny MacDonald, Steven MacDougall).

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